Everyone can be a great speaker

Every message in the Instagram Era should start with one word in mind: Inspiration. But there are things that do not change: the best way to capture mind and heart is through a good story and the most effective means is still by oral expression.

We tend to think that there are those touched by a magic wand who possess a natural charisma for public speaking, and there are others that will never be good speakers. But everyone can be a great speaker. They only need three things: a message to convey, a robust method, and lots, lots of practice.

Indole’s trainings are the place where these three fundamentals meet and rise to a new power.

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Group workshops

Personal training


Fasten your seatbelts. It’s time to create unique moments.

Attention is the scarce good of the 21st century. People are no longer amazed by traditional events. Because they look for inspiration. Because they want to hear something new. Because they want to be challenged. But, above all, because they look for events where each of them is the main star.

Indole’s events transform organizations, developing narratives that leave their mark and are impossible to recreate.


Build a network of shared knowledge.

In a world where the word "change" is no longer enough to describe what’s going on around us; in a context where overstimulation outweighs our ability to process information in a meaningful way; in a time when we are asked to think differently, but we are still evaluated by productivity; it is then that collective innovation ceases to be a mere alternative, and becomes a dire necessity.

We lead processes that spread across organizations, challenging the status quo, empowering employees, and positioning companies as change agents for the entire community.

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